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The Geena Davis

Runnez Virtual episodes – 41m

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  • Snakes and Ladders

    A real quality session for distance runners to fine tune their race pace and a great one for beginners to jog the efforts and build up their volume. Treat every set like a mini program within itself. Have fun. It’s a blast!

    "Ladders" are a great way to mix up our aerobic repeat and Vo2 max ty...

  • The Varicose Vein

    Great for beginners starting out their running journey, this session is nearly the least amount of running we will do in a session.

    If you’re training for a goal race, make sure you spend most of your time above race pace. in the shorter sets aim for 1500m - 5k pace. or 95% Perceived Rate Of E...

  • The Blue Vomit

    This episode contains a lot of running at different paces - fantastic for covering a lot of ground and building confidence. You’ll can have fun with this as time will go quickly. Great for confidence for both beginners and people aiming a personal best time.

    Like "The Possum Man " program the...

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