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The Landmark (audio-only version)

Runnez Virtual episodes • 41m

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  • The Landmark

    Get running with the Landmark Fartlek session.

    This session includes
    2 x 8min rep increasing speed every 60 sec
    2 min recovery
    2 x 8 min fartlek
    60 second Sunday jog
    60-second 5k race pace or 90%
    2 min recovery
    1x1 min maximal effort

    Starring Lisa Wilson & David Gately

  • The Rainmaker

    This speed endurance program using a descending ladder at 90-95% effort and finishes with an easy jog with short efforts throughout.

    Course details:
    4x 3 min @ 90% last 30 seconds kick to 95%
    all with 1 min off, after last set 2 min recovery
    Descending ladder from 2 min @ 90%
    down by 10 s...

  • The Possum Man

    A fartlek where you will cover a lot of ground, due to the amount of time spent at a quicker pace, aim to cover as much ground as possible in the 10 min blocks. Beginners walk the jog periods.

    On a long training run one morning while running with Rick and DC, Darren gallantly saved a baby poss...