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The Rainmaker

Runnez Virtual episodes • 42m

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  • The Possum Man

    A fartlek where you will cover a lot of ground, due to the amount of time spent at a quicker pace, aim to cover as much ground as possible in the 10 min blocks. Beginners walk the jog periods.

    On a long training run one morning while running with Rick and DC, Darren gallantly saved a baby poss...

  • The Central Governor

    This is like doing 4 programs in 1.
    Treat each block of efforts as a mini time trial in itself.
    For each block, aim at covering as much ground as possible and be as consistant as possible over all of the 5 sets.
    Especially in the first 2 blocks, try to focus on rhythm and putting yourself into...

  • The Foundation

    Run faster than 10km race pace for the entirety of this session - A really fun session that goes super-quick, really good for working at some good paces for shorter periods of time.

    These girls are the foundation of RUNNEZ HQ! Shell and Lisa are two of the founding members of RUNNEZ and have a...