Runnez Virtual episodes

Runnez Virtual episodes

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Runnez Virtual episodes
  • The Ironcouple (audio-only version)

    Get your hill game going strong with the Ironcouple.

    This session includes:

    4 rounds
    3 min incline 5% @ 80% intensity
    1 min recovery
    3 min flat @ 95 %
    1 min recovery
    3 min recovery after Last set
    7 x 45 second maximal 15 second recovery

    Starring Deb Burke & Johnny Wurtz

  • The Landmark (audio-only version)

    Get running with this audio-only version of The Landmark Fartlek session.

    This session includes
    2 x 8min rep increasing speed every 60 sec
    2 min recovery
    2 x 8 min fartlek
    60 second Sunday jog
    60-second 5k race pace or 90%
    2 min recovery
    1x1 min maximal effort

    Starring Lisa Wil...

  • The Landmark

    Get running with the Landmark Fartlek session.

    This session includes
    2 x 8min rep increasing speed every 60 sec
    2 min recovery
    2 x 8 min fartlek
    60 second Sunday jog
    60-second 5k race pace or 90%
    2 min recovery
    1x1 min maximal effort

    Starring Lisa Wilson & David Gately

  • The Rainmaker

    This speed endurance program using a descending ladder at 90-95% effort and finishes with an easy jog with short efforts throughout.

    Course details:
    4x 3 min @ 90% last 30 seconds kick to 95%
    all with 1 min off, after last set 2 min recovery
    Descending ladder from 2 min @ 90%
    down by 10 s...

  • The Possum Man

    A fartlek where you will cover a lot of ground, due to the amount of time spent at a quicker pace, aim to cover as much ground as possible in the 10 min blocks. Beginners walk the jog periods.

    On a long training run one morning while running with Rick and DC, Darren gallantly saved a baby poss...

  • The Central Governor

    This is like doing 4 programs in 1.
    Treat each block of efforts as a mini time trial in itself.
    For each block, aim at covering as much ground as possible and be as consistant as possible over all of the 5 sets.
    Especially in the first 2 blocks, try to focus on rhythm and putting yourself into...

  • The Foundation

    Run faster than 10km race pace for the entirety of this session - A really fun session that goes super-quick, really good for working at some good paces for shorter periods of time.

    These girls are the foundation of RUNNEZ HQ! Shell and Lisa are two of the founding members of RUNNEZ and have a...

  • The Don Bradman

    A great session for long distance athletes to spend a lot of time at a comfortable but harder effort. 3 very hard 3 min efforts thrown in at the end - so do not overdo the two fartlek sets.

    Starring Shell Tims & Jo Mathers

  • The Craig Mottram

    Great for working on strength endurance - beginners can walk the hills, and jog on the flat while experienced runners will gain so much from throwing these into their program 2-3 times a month.

    This is named after Australian 5000 metre record holder, Craig 'Buster' Mottram - who is also the ki...

  • Slip, Slop, Slap

    Beginners can jog/walk the longer sets and have a rest in the shorter ones.

    In Australia our UV ray is extremely high and therefore quite dangerous.

    Since the late 80s we have had advertising campaigns imploring us to be sun smart and slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen and slap on a ha...

  • The Power Runner

    This program can be used in training for a marathon PB or simply trying to shed some kgs.

    If you are a new runner, we suggest jog/walking the longer efforts. As you progress, aim to cover as much ground as possible in the 4 longer sets.

    This program will have you heaving for air, but the ...

  • The Geena Davis

    This is a marvellous program to enhance aerobic power and strength, aimed at covering as much ground as possible in the effort period

    The great producer Dave Harrison pointed out that Coxy looked remarkably similar to the Hollywood actress Geena Davis who was mega famous in the 90s. This was ...

  • Snakes and Ladders

    A real quality session for distance runners to fine tune their race pace and a great one for beginners to jog the efforts and build up their volume. Treat every set like a mini program within itself. Have fun. It’s a blast!

    "Ladders" are a great way to mix up our aerobic repeat and Vo2 max ty...

  • The Varicose Vein

    Great for beginners starting out their running journey, this session is nearly the least amount of running we will do in a session.

    If you’re training for a goal race, make sure you spend most of your time above race pace. in the shorter sets aim for 1500m - 5k pace. or 95% Perceived Rate Of E...

  • The Blue Vomit

    This episode contains a lot of running at different paces - fantastic for covering a lot of ground and building confidence. You’ll can have fun with this as time will go quickly. Great for confidence for both beginners and people aiming a personal best time.

    Like "The Possum Man " program the...

  • Don Bradman MK2

    This course was named 'The Don Bradman MK2' because it's the follow-up to the 'Don Bradman' original episode.

    The key to this is that it is yet another rather unattractive man with an attractive partner, hence batting above his average,
    Don Bradman finished with a batting average of 99.95 ...