• Don Bradman MK2

    This course was named 'The Don Bradman MK2' because it's the follow-up to the 'Don Bradman' original episode.

    The key to this is that it is yet another rather unattractive man with an attractive partner, hence batting above his average,
    Don Bradman finished with a batting average of 99.95 ...

  • The Craig Mottram

    Great for working on strength endurance - beginners can walk the hills, and jog on the flat while experienced runners will gain so much from throwing these into their program 2-3 times a month.

    This is named after Australian 5000 metre record holder, Craig 'Buster' Mottram - who is also the ki...

  • The Ironcouple (audio-only version)

    Get your hill game going strong with the Ironcouple.

    This session includes:

    4 rounds
    3 min incline 5% @ 80% intensity
    1 min recovery
    3 min flat @ 95 %
    1 min recovery
    3 min recovery after Last set
    7 x 45 second maximal 15 second recovery

    Starring Deb Burke & Johnny Wurtz