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  • Introduction

    In this introduction, we briefly explain the Runnez programs and systems.

    Feel free to come back to this video at any time if you feel you need a refresher!

  • Dynamic warm-up

    We take you to a local running track in Melbourne and step you through a quick warm-up routine that you can do almost anywhere (best not to test this in an airplane restroom though)

  • Dead ringer

    What does the term 'Dead Ringer' mean?

  • Fair Dinkum

    Learn the meaning of what 'fair dinkum' means.

  • Beginning new

    This is the session to start with if you’ve never run before - or have had a very long time away from any type of running.
    Try to use this session every second day.
    Don't be worried if you are sore in your quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves or stomach the day following this session. It is very...

  • The cool down

    Learn a great way to cool down after your Runnez session.

  • Beginning new - part 2

    In part 2, we start to make some real progress towards starting to run.

  • The Don Bradman

    A great session for long distance athletes to spend a lot of time at a comfortable but harder effort. 3 very hard 3 min efforts thrown in at the end - so do not overdo the two fartlek sets.

    Starring Shell Tims & Jo Mathers

  • A quick chat with some Runnez

    What's happening lately at Runnez HQ?

  • Batting above your average

    What does the term 'Batting above your average' mean?

  • Fartlek

    Rick steps you through what Fartlek means and where the term originated.

  • Mitochondria

    A quick summary of our bodies aerobic powerhouses.

  • Snoz

    Rick will sometimes use the word 'snoz'. What is a snoz?

  • Kick again

    Learn what 'kick again' means here!

  • Turn the screws

    What does the term 'Turn the screws' mean?

  • On your pat malone

    What does the term 'On your pat malone' mean?

  • Maximal

    What does the term 'Maximal' mean?

  • Make hay while the sun shines

    What does the term 'Make hay while the sun shines' mean?