Learn more about all the things that come together to make you a better runner.

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  • Runnez Virtual philosophies

    Learn about what makes Runnez Virtual programs different - and understand the best way to be Runnez Virtual work for you..

  • Bodyweight excercises

    No equipment?

    No worries!

    Learn 3 simple bodyweight exercises to dramatically improve your running economy and injury prevention.

  • Emotional health

    We're all aware of needing good physical health to enjoy running, but in this video we take a look at the importance of Emotional health.

  • Periodisation

    Some great tips on setting up your 12 month plan while moving slightly away from the traditional linear periodisation.

  • How to achieve your 10km personal best

    Looking for that fast 10km? Check out Rick's tips to PB in your next race.

  • The importance of recovery

    Recovery is the most underused tool to enable you move to the next level.

  • Mitochondria

    A quick summary of our bodies aerobic powerhouses.